Month: August 2020

‘Who Replaces Me?’

This episode contains strong language. As a police officer in his hometown of Flint, Mich., Scott Watson has worked to become a pillar of the community, believing his identity has placed him in a unique position to do his job. He has given out his cellphone number, driven students to prom and provided food and…

The Sunday Read: ‘In the Line of Fire’

Many American states use the labor of inmates to help fight its fires, but none so more than California. Using incarcerated firefighters saves the state’s taxpayers an estimated $100 million a year. The women that choose to enter the firefighting camps are afforded better pay, by prison standards, and an improved quality of time served….

Donald Trump Jr.’s Journey to Republican Stardom

For much of his life, Donald Trump Jr. has been disregarded by his father. He played only a bit part in the 2016 campaign and when the team departed for Washington, he was left to oversee a largely unimportant part of the Trump Organization. But after The New York Times revealed that he had played…

On the Ground in Kenosha

This episode contains strong language. The shooting of Jacob Blake, a Black father from Kenosha, Wis., by a white police officer has reverberated through the city, fueling protests and unrest. There have been marches and demonstrations, as well as instances of destruction: businesses and property set alight, fireworks launched at the police. On Tuesday night,…

Trump’s Suburban Strategy

At the 1968 Republican National Convention, Richard Nixon made an appeal to voters in the suburbs concerned about racial unrest across the United States after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. They helped deliver him the presidency that year, cementing suburbanites’ role as an integral voting bloc. The 2020 election is also taking place…

Where We Stand on the Pandemic

In the U.S., emergency-use authorization has been granted for convalescent plasma, the efficacy of which is yet to be robustly tested. For some, this echoes the situation with hydroxychloroquine and the government’s subsequent U-turn on its rollout. Meanwhile, America’s infection rate appears to be flattening out — but at tens of thousands of cases per…

A Surge in Shootings

Gun violence is on the rise in New York City. By the end of July, there had been more shootings in 2020 than in all of 2019. Shootings have risen in other metropolises, too, including Atlanta, Chicago, Denver and Houston. Several theories have been advanced about why. Experts on crime say the coronavirus outbreak has…

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The Sunday Read: ‘Sweatpants Forever’

Much of the fashion industry has buckled under the weight of the coronavirus — it appears to have sped up the inevitable. This story was written by Irina Aleksander and recorded by Audm. To hear more audio stories from publishers like The New York Times, download Audm for iPhone or Android.

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